Vow of Silence: The Practice of Right Speech.

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Day 1:


I have made the decision after mulling on it for a few days that in order to practice successfully the Right Speech aspect of the Noble Eight-Fold Path that it would do some good to take a vow of silence. I think this would limit negative speech in me. Make me better at listening. So today is my first day. I will update this blog on my progress. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I am not typically vocal anyway so I don’t expect anyone to notice off the bat anything unusual. I woke today filled with negative energy. Bad thoughts. Bad feelings. Cravings, desires. The surface of my consciousness, murky and fogged with toxins of the (s)elf. I meditated and breathed mindfully and the surface has a little more shine on it. The (S)elf is reflecting some light out now. I will also write about my practice, overall, of the Eight-fold Path. I am in serious danger. I am a danger to myself if I don’t still the toxins in me.

Vow of Silence: The Practice of Right Speech.