The Masses.


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People. . . when I see you I might as well be looking at apes.Harmless and shaved apes. Every bar I go to. Every Meetup. Every sidewalk, I see all the same people. I see the sameness in their faces. How they carry themselves. Imagine you’re in the TV show The Walking Dead, you see various zombies stumbling along, all with different deformities but you know inside there is no real difference. You know that you’re dealing with maurading eating machines going one place to another. That’s what people are aren’t they? Move here and there, consuming via food or goods and on and on. I at least live in a world where I don’t have to be chased by flesh eaters. Still, being in my condition the herd can be a horrifying experience. I have family that are voting for TRUMP! Half this nation! I can’t wait for a midwestern tornado to rack up the death toll. Or another Hurricane Andrew wiping out Florida. A new monkey virus. Or just give me zombies. I would love to run loose in the streets a la’ Last of Us beating away the horde. Molotoving them and raking them down with shotgun fire. Oh, what a world that would be. I’d have a sense of purpose, and the masses can be their genuine self.

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The Masses.

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