Viva La Nada!

I can’t wait until tomorrow because / nothing / is going to happen. I love everyday being the  / exact same / and how my / no friends / and / no girlfriend / and I do  / nothing / at our favorite / nowhere./ We have a great time just chewing the fat and planning / nothing  / and discussing how  / nothing / is going to / nothing / the nothing / while nothing / does nothing / nothing to nothing. So  / nothing / will nothing / our goals until next summer when  / nothing / will allow myself and  / nothing / to try and / nothing / ate salad again for dinner with chicken / drank water / alcohol consumption / save it for the dead of night / September is going to have / nothing / opportunities for me so I can advance in my  /nothing. / So excited / incredibly deep pain / about nothing / life.

Viva La Nada!

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