I saw a beautiful woman and it got me into a negative space about my inability to socialize and excel in the romantic arena. I have places I’m going where I will meet new people, but how long before I can put this bug out of commission? It would be worse if I were a sex hound, but my chemical intake has stripped me of this feature. I’m just a guy looking for the attention and affections of some woman somewhere. The dating sites bare negative fruit. I’m not out enough to see a potential mate. This regulated life is constricting and comforting at the same time. I need somewhere to go. I need to expose myself. I tell myself going out does me good but all that happens is that I come across as a cipher. Either to others or myself.


One thought on “Cipher.

  1. Try using Facebook to catch up with old friends. Then plan a day to hangout. Maybe that person will introduce you to their friends and that is how your circle can grow. It’s a suggestion. I also have trouble making friends and I still feel like I don’t have real friends I can talk to, but church has helped me meet more people and it’s nice. That is where I met my boyfriend.

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