Urgent Care.

I was in an Urgent Care Center this morning in the coldest room ever with the worst hacking cough and sore throat. I was by myself. Waiting and waiting for the nurse and then for the doctor and then another nurse came. Took an hour to get my scripts. Coming home, the coughs had stopped. The coughs that had me up all night and left so drained. When I got home the first thing I did was go to sleep. My mother was kind enough to go the pharmacy for me as I was too ill. Later, I felt like I would weep. Because there is no lonely an experience than feeling horrible and being alone. I can’t do this lonely guy thing anymore. I have to really figure out a way to develop some friendships. Today was a nightmare. Right now as I write I feel minor aches and pain but I think this cold is passing. I keep trying to remember that I do have friends, they’re just elsewhere. It’s hard though. God I’m so alone. If anything ever happens to my mother I’ll be ruined. Time is ticking man, I got to do something. I need some of that love that everyone talks about.

Urgent Care.

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