The city I live. You know these places. The men walking feet exposed in flip-flops and basket ball shorts. The drab homes and drab cars and over my head a drab sky, don’t matter if it’s blue or not. I look around and I feel lost and isolated in this shit corner end of the East Coast. It don’t look good on me saying, but I got a high lust for the plush things and city uptown lights. The cars. The women. My dislocation continuing there even.Whether it’s some girl’s apartment near the big downtown buildings, or a hotel room, office building. Night walks past lit up bars or pubs or gastropubs or bistros and everyone inside cloistered in compact circles in their own worlds. I can not have access to that. I wonder on baring my oddness openly. Social mask off. I can’t be baring the weight of the keeping up with performances. The wincing at jokes I don’t get or just don’t think are funny because I’m wired so tight I might bust my own molar. BE A PROUD ASPIE. JOIN ME. LET US UNITE AND BE THE ODD ONES, ARE MOVEMENT IS SOUND AS ANY OTHER. I WILL NOT WEAR A MASK AMONG THE HERD. I HAVE MY ARMS OPEN WAITING FOR THE JUDGING. THE LEERS. BE WITH ME AND DO THIS. NO MORE MASKS. Let our oddity be the diamond that glitters and attracts and it’s eerie light repel those unworthy of our time and friendships. Our loves.

This post is all for you my fellow Autistic’s.Hold your face in your hands while you are alone and roughly run your hands down your face and exhale and feel the weight drop. Then decide, “What next?” To pronounce your reality as who you are. Then fucking act on that, right, and proper. Be righteous with yourself because others got their heads in the shitter of TV and false persona’s. We have the gift of being unique individuals without even trying. By just being us. SO let us do it. NOW.


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